A’Eden Zipline Zoom – “Zoom”


Zoom’s Pedigree

Zoom is my constant companion and devoted best canine friend. He sleeps in my bed, snuggles me all night, follows me about all day, and lives and breathes for me. While  he is fond of close friends and family, there’s no doubt whom he belongs to. Scottie Westfall described him perfectly here: Meeting a Whippet

Zoom was bred by Sonja Simmons of A’Eden Whippets, and is a lovely blend of American and English show lines. He is a cream (ee red) masking brindle. He has excellent health, with his only issue being harmless lipid deposits on his corneas if he eats a diet too high in fat. He has perfect teeth, a strong gut, healthy skin, and a good heart.

He has a wonderful temperament, with his only flaw being some typical Whippet separation anxiety (not that I think it’s ideal that this is so typical), but can be crated and left as needed. He is obedient, biddable, outstanding off leash, hot on the lure, calm in the home,  and ready to hike or play as much or as little as I desire. He has no noise fears or any other such issue,  and worked as a service dog for almost five years.

Zoom is a multiple UKC altered Best in Show winner, with all his points and three of his wins towards his UKC champion title. He is also more than half way to his BCAT, and about 1/4 of the way to his ASFA title.

Zoom is a truly special dog, and we hope to finish that UKC championship and those ASFA and BCAT coursing titles and, of course, spend many more years together.