Apollo, the English Throwback!

We received this photo today of handsome Apollo. He is an 11 month old son of Flirt’s, and is Fontana’s littermate. In color and head type, he is most certainly what people would call an English cream, or UK show-line Golden Retriever. Except, he’s not. Many generations go back before there are English imports of any kind on either side of his pedigree. Genetics, man! Amazing. We are proud of this handsome guy, and he’s a wonderful companion.




Marlene’s sweet, beautiful Sammy  Forever loved and missed. I had the wonderful experience of watching this puppy (and his wonderful humans) grow up over years and years on the Golden Retriever Forum. Now, he has passed on from this life, but he will always be remembered and loved. It was a joy to sketch him and his unique ears and his classic Golden smile.


Exciting Plans at Windridge

The next litter that we have planned at Windridge is the Scottish themed litter. Registered names will have some relation to Scotland or Scottish themed things. This is because this is where the breed originated.

We are extremely excited about this litter for a few reasons. One is that this will be my second generation of Windridge Golden Retrievers. Flirt is my foundation, and her daughter from her first litter will be the mother of this litter. Fontana is a gorgeous, sweet,  soft-natured, kind animal. She also has a great deal of natural desire to retrieve and a great love for water. She is biddable and very easy to live with. She will have health testing this spring, prior to breeding.

Here are some photos of Fontana:

Here is a link to Fontana’s pedigree: Fontana’s Pedigree

Another reason we are so excited that the sire,  Jack, is a truly awesome dog. His pedigree is outstanding,  a virtual who’s who of field trial and working Goldens. He is a deep red, small, driven dog with all health testing completed. He also has his JH title.

Here are some photos of Jack:

Here is a link to Jack’s pedigree: Jack’s Pedigree
I am hoping for pups with an excellent blend of traits from both of these two fine animals. We have a couple of working homes waiting for  these puppies, as well as several outstanding companion homes.

Puppies should be born sometime in early 2019. All puppies are priced at $1200 and come with full AKC registration. Breeders of this litter are myself (Jenna Coleman) and Scottie Westfall.

Anyone who might be interested in going on the waiting list is welcome to contact me. We look for homes who are willing to maintain at least casual contact and give updates (good and bad alike) on the puppies and their health and temperament. We also give strong preference to homes that do not pediatric alter, and who keep their dogs indoors as family companions.

Thanks for looking!

A bit of Whippet Art

Considering my deep love for this breed,  it’s not surprising that some of my favorite clients are Whippet owners. Here are four beauties who are all at least somewhat related to my own American show-line Whippets, as well as a portrait of a show-line Greyhound with his race-bred Whippet best friend. Please enjoy!

Beautiful Huxley
Greyhound and Whippet best friends
Whippet brothers, Bernie and Red
Glamorous Tabby