Our Whippets

I have had Whippets for over two decades. They will always be one of the most special breeds to me. The ultimate house dog, Whippets are clean, quiet, and love to snuggle. They’re beautiful, and their gentle nature and odorless coats make them appealing even to the most reluctant dog lovers. Sensible and dignified, they also have a fun loving side, usually reserved for those they know and love the best. Incredibly loyal, generally to one person, they are excellent side kicks and tend to stick with their owner in a way I usually only see in herding type breeds. They’re inexpensive to maintain, and they are the best bed dogs, spare stealing all your blankets. Outside, they’re active and fun loving, enjoying a hike, romp, or game of fetch. Mine do a great job keeping my show German Shepherd Dogs in shape!

My first Whippet was Rigby, born in 1997. I’d already befriended several Whippets and their people, and I’d been attending lure coursing events for several years. Rig was my heart dog and so much more, but he also was a fun show dog and lure courser. Poverty and instability in life kept me from getting lots of titles on him, but he certainly had the ability, and we had an amazing life together for nearly 17 years. Rigby passed away in 2014 and took a piece of me with him.

At this time, I have an older male (Zoom) who is somewhat related to Rigby, and reminds me of him in many ways. Rigby has been gone for years, but Zoom keeps the legend alive, sharing many common behaviors and traits, as well as the same beautiful breed type. Zoom is neutered and is our full time house pet- the king of the house!

We also have Fling. Known as Kitty as well (her original name, which I think is adorable, but was confusing with our cat in the house), she is co owned with her breeder, but primarily lives here. She is a darling little Diva! She reminds me of Rigby the most in nature, but also has a very sporty side like Zoom. She has learned to fetch, and she’s very keen and driven. She’s gorgeous with the best side movement of any of my Whippets. She’s very slight in size, but has lovely type.

We also co-own Fling’s litter mate, Poet. He’s an amazing and sweet, docile dog. A true gentleman, Poet is the perfect companion and cuddle buddy. He resides with a wonderful local friend who has dearly missed having a Whippet to share life with, while we remain able to show him and eventually use him at stud if the right bitch comes along. We see him when his people travel, too, so it is win/win for everyone!

We don’t have any active Whippet plans now, other than spoiling and serving our royalty- Zoom and Fling- and casually showing Poet and Fling some as they mature. Zoom may still get out and finish his BCAT, which he only needs one or two more runs for. He’s got all his UKC champion points too, and only needs one more competition win.

In the distant future, Fling may be bred here by us after having a litter for her co-owner at some point, but we are unsure of which direction we will go when the time comes. Thanks for visiting our Whippets’ pages!

Whippets in residence: Zoom Fling
Whippets living elsewhere: Poet

A'Eden Zipline Zoom
Zoom at 7.5 years old in 2018