Our Greyhounds

Here at Windridge, we have a long history with Greyhounds. I have worked in multiple track kennels, fostered dozens of retired hounds, and have almost always had a Greyhound or two or three in my home. I’ve run them at amateur events (NOTRA and ASFA) and simply loved living with them.

As we face the tragic end of racing due to misguided and uninformed animal rights advocates, we also risk losing some of the most valuable and diverse bloodlines in the breed. While show Greyhounds are beautiful and have their place, I’d like to see both types thriving, and I’d like to see what each has to offer the other in producing the ultimate Greyhound for the modern era. Regardless, I do not wish to see the end of the NGA Greyhound, whether racing survives in some form or not.

Until meeting me, Scottie had not been around many Greyhounds on a personal level, but it’s safe to say he was quick to see their value and beauty when he got to know Erika and Drake. Our lovely pair of Greyhounds are wonderful pets and friends. Erika is all mine and Drake is all his. They’re also beautiful, sound, and amazingly athletic dogs in general.

We do plan to breed them together in the near future, so keep checking for updates! Several homes are waiting for puppies, but if you’re interested in getting on the waiting list, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Drake Erika