Our German Shepherds

Welcome to the Darqueside! We are proud to present our German Shepherd Dogs, which are owned and will be bred under the Darqueside prefix. Our GSDs are proudly owned and trained by myself Jenna Coleman and my partner Scottie Westfall. We cannot express enough gratitude to the breeders who have shared these incredible animals with us.

The German Shepherd Dog may be the most recognized and beloved breed of dog in the world. Hero dogs, working dogs, sport dogs, glamorous show dogs, beloved friends, guide and service dogs, and farm dogs- is there anything a good GSD can’t do? As loyal as a Whippet, as useful as any working dog could be, and beautiful- this breed has it all. That said, there’s a lot to sift through when looking for the right GSD for yourself. For me, I knew temperament could not be compromised. No fear, no inappropriate aggression, no weirdness; bombproof. I also wanted a dog of such high quality that finishing his championship would be fairly inexpensive and easily achieved. I wanted a dog that could potentially work as a service dog. I wanted health, beauty, soundness, and moderate but not excessive drive. I wanted a breeder who would be a mentor and friend, and not uptight and controlling. Although it took me ten years to get my dream GSD, I could not have been more fortunate to end up with my beautiful Quest, from Anya Dobratz of Hammersmith GSDs in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s perfect!

Quest was followed by Dare, of similar lines, from the amazing Kysarah GSDs and breeder Frank De Bem. Dare combines the best American lines, as well as having 1/4th German show lines. I also co-own Sardine, a female from Anya. She is half German show line import, and half similar lines to Quest, her dam being out of two of my favorite modern German Shepherd Dogs. We are truly blessed with a foundation of top quality, health, temperament, and beauty. Just as importantly, we have been warmly welcomed into the wonderful German Shepherd Dog community, both by our own breeders and by many others, whether they own related dogs or not.

I have truly found my people, and my breed.

Many of you are familiar with Scottie’s journey from skeptic of the breed and of show bred animals in general, to great fan of the breed and these lines. Dare is 100% his girl, although co-owned on paper with myself and Frank. Dare lives and breathes for her person, Scottie. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish together. Quest is my pet as well as working dog and show dog. I don’t know what I’d do without him, and I’m so lucky and excited about the future. He follows me everywhere and are my constant companion. Sardine has visited some, and will continue to be shared by myself and Anya, and I look forward to having more photos of her the next time she visits.

Quest and Dare and Sardine reside with us, but in the future we will be looking for guardian and companion homes for some of our eventual puppies.