Fontana (Retired)

Beautiful Fontana has retired after one litter, and is headed to Vermont to be a VERY special companion for someone!

Windridge Love is All You Need – “Fontana”


DOB: December 6, 2016

Pedigree: Fontana’s Pedigree

AKC: SR9667200/01

OFA Preliminary Hips GOOD/Elbows NORMAL 4/30/18

Fontana was my keeper from the Love Litter. She was named after my good friend, John Fontana. I co-own her with Scottie Westfall. She is the sweetest, easiest, and most biddable dog I have ever owned. She is gentle, soft-natured (but still stable), and would never do anything wrong on purpose. She has outstanding retrieving drive, learns fast, and would live in a swimming pool if you’d let her. She has no noise fears or anything of that nature, and if she is unsure, she recovers instantly.  She lives to cuddle in bed with anyone willing, though is most definitely bonded to her inner circle of people. With no special training,  she is excellent off leash, and very devoted. She likes to go for walks, but much like a Whippet, will spend the day in bed if that’s what you need that day.

Physically she is in excellent health with a perfect bite, and a nimble athletic body.  She is OFA GOOD hips and NORMAL elbows with preliminary X-rays at almost 17 months of age. She has no allergies. She carries a moderate coat that is dense, flat, and light golden/cream colored. She is about 44-48 pounds, depending on her fitness level at the time, and about 20 inches at the shoulder.