Flirt (Retired)

Windridge Buy Me Dinner First (BCAT pointed)


DOB: May 18, 2015

Pedigree: Flirt’s Pedigree

Flirt has gone to MN to be a sport and working dog with Tiffany! We will continue to co-own her and enjoy seeing her succeed and have the fun and active life she needs and wants. Thank you Tiffany, and everyone who helped to get her there.

Flirt is my foundation bitch. She is a driven, happy, confident, affectionate, loving, loyal yet friendly, and over all wonderful little Golden. She is athletic, determined, and fun loving. She works successfully as an owner-trained service dog performing psychiatric and mobility related tasks. She is intelligent, biddable, and learns quickly, though she has just enough sass to keep me on my toes (just the way I like it!)

She is 54 pounds in ideal condition, and about 21 inches at the shoulder. She carries a moderate coat with a slight wave. She has excellent desire to hold and carry and average retrieving instinct. She loves water. She has no known fears or noise sensitivities. She is excellent with all other dogs and people.

She has been X-rayed, had her heart listened to, and passed a CERF eye exam. She has no known allergies to any food, and the only environmental allergy she appears to have is to fleas (which, since my dogs don’t have bugs, is something I did not realize until she was over two years of age. As long as she is kept on NexGard, she is totally fine, even if we encounter a dog with fleas). She has a scissors bite. She has produced 16 puppies with perfect scissors bites, one puppy with a level bite, and one mild under-shot bite. She has not produced any puppies with any health or allergy or temperament issues as of yet, and we are in routine contact with the owner of every single puppy she has whelped. Both of her parents are in excellent health and still living.

She is an excellent mother who breeds naturally, has large litters, free-whelps, and cares for her puppies brilliantly. She nurses them by her own choice until they leave home (and beyond, for our keepers).

Flirt has been spayed and retired from breeding.