Erika The Red (NGA Greyhound)



Erika is a gorgeous red female Greyhound. She is a very well bred NGA hound born and raised at Crossland Greyhound farm. She raced for her owner Briana Burkhart. She is super fast, but not a fan of crowds at the first turn. We can’t wait to see her use her speed on less crowded tracks, like NOTRA and LGRA. We also plan to show and lure course her.

She’s a wonderful addition either way. Her beauty is incredible, and she is the perfect princess addition for this pack of rowdy, sweet boy dogs. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and to her trainer, breeder, owner, and all her care takers during her first 2.5 years of life.

She comes at a very special time in my life, as I face the loss of the racing industry in my home state of Florida. I’m heart broken about the vote in November, but excited about the future of NGA hounds as sport dogs and companions.