DOB: 6/15/16



Drake is a beautiful, impressive, massive, powerful, and very handsome Greyhound. He’s also incredibly sweet. His easy going nature makes him a pleasure to take anywhere and to live with. He’s usually snoozing, feet in the air, tongue hanging out of his mouth. When he’s up, he’s probably wagging, smiling, and looking for anyone- and I do mean anyone- to give him an ear rub. Drake is calm and happy in all situations. He really doesn’t seem to get too worked up about anything. Don’t be fooled, though. This happy-go-lucky gentleman is an absolute beast on the lure. An adult man can’t hold him back!

Drake may be everybody’s buddy, but his person is definitely Scottie. They enjoy going on jobs together, and taking lots of long walks every day. Drake is also an excellent sofa and TV watching buddy.

Due to previous injury at the track, we probably won’t do dog sports with Drake, but he’s got a future in our NGA Greyhound bloodline preservation project, and he may be shown some in UKC. Above all, he’s a wonderful pet and retired athlete. We are so thankful to both his race owner and his former trainer for loving him so much and trusting us with him!