Clive (Red Fox)

Clive the Klepto of Craigslist

DOB: April, 2018


Clive is a red fox. He is of the cross fox color phase. He’s an extremely tame, captive bred, partly domesticated companion animal. He came into our lives out of need, and we decided to adopt him ourselves. He’s a wonderful, educational, fun, and sweet pet.

Check the blog often for Clive updates!

Here are some common questions we get asked, and their answers.

  1. What does Clive eat? High quality dog and cat kibble (foxes need taurine), fruits, raw meat, and various treats and snacks
  2. Is he housebroken? Clive doesn’t potty in our house with rare exceptions. He has litter in his kennel, and he also has litter boxes in all the rooms he frequents. He uses them most of the time.
  3. Is Clive leash trained? Yes and no. He walks nicely with me, and follows naturally. However, he sometimes goes the way he wants, and force or anger would never be helpful. I carry him if needed, but he’s better leash trained than most foxes it would seem.
  4. Is he good with your dogs and cats? I do not let Clive interact off leash our outside of his kennel with our other pets with rare exceptions. Safety first!
  5. How long do foxes live? 10 years or more, with good care!