Quest Does it Again!

Quest does it again and goes winners dog in tough competition, and then Best of Winners! He is now up to nine points and both majors. Six more to go! Here’s a recent photo of Quest, right before he headed off on his adventure with his breeder/handler/co-owner Anya. We are so thankful and proud!



Another Point for Quest!

Quest hasn’t been shown since he grabbed two majors at ten months old back in March. He’s showing this weekend in New York with his breeder/handler Anya Dobratz. On Friday he earned another point, and we await results for today! So excited about this gorgeous boy. He’s up to 8 points and both majors now, at a year of age and with very limited showing. Here he is enjoying hotel life with Anya and his buddy Heathcliff!

Spring is in the Air

All around us, the trees are getting their leaves, the lawn is bright green again, and the birds are singing. It’s been a rough week of tough choices, and many ups and downs. I’m happy about the new season, both literally and in the big picture of life.

Erika is having her first heat cycle post track-life (and I suspect, ever). She may be driving the boys crazy, but they are behaving pretty well. She’s certainly enjoying running and playing in our beautiful field. No puppies for Erika this time around. We shall see what the future holds. In the mean time, here are some nice recent photos of her.

Good things are to come.


Erika Update

Beautiful Erika fits in our home perfectly. She’s fun loving, happy, playful, affectionate, incredibly loyal to me specifically, and she’s pretty obedient, too. She loves to run. She keeps our boys in line. She’s a tribute to the love and care she received as a racer, and we are happy to have the chance to share life with her. She’s a wonderful, loving and very bonded sweetheart. She’s got quite the sense of humor, too. It’s been easy to keep her fit and in racing condition, since she’s able to be trusted off leash and is naturally playful and enjoys a good run several times a day.