Grooming Matters

Fontana is a gorgeous dog, and she only gets better as she matures. Yesterday I “show” groomed her. I thought it might be fun to compare photos taken before trimming, after trimming, and after both trimming and blow drying.

First, here she is early in the day on a walk:

She looks ruggedly beautiful to me in the above picture. However, grooming makes a difference, especially in real life. Setting up or stacking does too.

Here she is set up, brushed, but not bathed or trimmed (feet, pasterns, ears, tail) for a few weeks:

Now, here she is the very next day (yesterday) trimmed, but not bathed yet:

And here she is a few hours later, bathed and fluff dried:

Here are more, with the flash:

Remember that whether you are calling a show dog overdone, or a working/pet dog weedy and bald, that grooming blurs the lines at times. I have a great time grooming my dogs, and I love them in fluffy or rugged form.


Enjoying a Gorgeous Tuesday

Today was one of  those perfect days that is meant to be relished. The sky was clear and blue, the air was crisp, and the temperatures were chilly but tolerable. The dogs were absolutely in their bliss, and it seemed like the ideal day to work them out, take them for walks, and capture some photos. I am so much happier here in Ohio than I was in Florida, and the climate is certainly a major part of it. The rippling, muscular bodies of my dogs, young and old, are proof one can see of how well we are doing here. These are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Flirt may still be out of coat, but she’s totally back in shape almost four months after whelping her litter of nine! Here she is playing with Zoom, who is six and a half  years old. Both dogs enjoy the flirt pole on a daily basis. 
Fontana (behind) is in great shape, and she’s giving Willow (front, leaping) and Andi (with the toy in her mouth) quite the workout every day. These sisters are also best friends.
Fontana is 11 months old and in her first heat cycle. She enjoyed a leashed walk today, too.