Apple (Co-Owned)

Windridge Teacher’s Pet – “Apple”


DOB: 7/11/18


Apple is going to be living the good life with Ricky in Cleveland and will come back here for a litter later! She is Scottie’s (and my) pick female from our Back to School litter. She is BEAUTIFUL, sweet, cuddly, fun loving, and gentle and biddable like her mother. She has a bit of a soft nature like her dam as well, but with more spark and confidence. She was not a top sport pick, but she has everything anyone could want in a companion golden, and should also be able to earn titles and be a lot of fun. She has lovely breed type and a gorgeous face. With her pedigree and looks, she should be able to produce whatever we desire, so we are excited! She is clear by parentage of all genetic disease currently tested for in the breed, which is awesome (and money saving!). Further health testing pending when she is old enough. For now, she enjoys being adorable and will be attempting to hook her new dad, Ricky, on all the dog sports!


Baby Apple: