About Us

This blog dedicated to my heart dog, Rigby (9/6/97 – 3/11/14); without him, there would be no me.


My name is Jenna Coleman, and my life is gone to the dogs. For over 20 years, I have been involved in breeding, showing, training, raising, rescuing, handling, conditioning, and of course, adoring dogs of a variety of breeds. Most of my experience is with sighthounds (Greyhounds, Borzoi, Salukis, Whippets, and Basenjis), Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherd Dogs. I have worked in two professional Greyhound racing kennels in two different states, too.

At this time, I own three beautiful show Whippets (Zoom, Poet, and Fling), two incredible NGA race bred Greyhounds (Drake and Erika), my dream show GSDs (Quest and Dare), and one adorable and amazing Border Collie (Melon), as well as a 2nd generation pick Windridge Golden Retriever bitch (Apple) who is in a breeding/guardian home. My partner (the Retrieverman) co-owns all of the dogs with me as well. Poet, Drake, and Dare are his babies! Zoom, Quest, Melon, and Fling are my babies. Erika started out all mine but loves us both! Each of these animals has, or currently does, or soon will compete in dog events, work as a service dog, or be used for breeding in our Windridge breeding program. Above all, they are beloved companions and friends.

In addition to the dogs and everything to do with them, I enjoy drawing pet portraits and wildlife, writing in this blog and elsewhere, listening to a wide variety of music, hiking and walking in the woods, and chilling with my partner catching up on our favorite shows. I’m also an extremely left-wing progressive who loves to read. Health issues took me from my life for quite a while, but I’m slowly but surely getting it back.

Once a year or so, I have a litter. Puppies are claimed well in advance of the litter being bred, but we sometimes have a spot available on our litter waiting list. If you’re planning well ahead, feel free to contact me about being added to one of our litter lists. Puppies are well-socialized, home-raised, and every single puppy home stays in routine contact with me and with each-other.

Thanks for visiting!